My name is Jaime Jacobsen, and I am an independent filmmaker and professor based in Beirut, Lebanon.  I specialize in telling captivating stories through documentary film that cultivate conversation on contemporary social, environmental and humanitarian issues.  I spend much of my time feeding my curiosity for languages, culture and wild places… searching for compelling stories… and diving head first into new documentary projects that might just change the way we look at the world and our place in it.

New Projects

I have some new and exciting projects in the mix.  I am producing and directing a new documentary about the endurance of the human body and spirit called Finding Traction, which stars renowned ultra runner Nikki Kimball and her dream to become the fastest person in the world to run Vermont’s 273-mile Long Trail.  This film is a co-production with MontanaPBS/KUSM-TV and is coming to the film festival circuit and public television in 2014.  I recently partnered with Pathfinder International to direct a new short film, Female Condoms Are My Power, My Protection, My Pleasure, which shows how young people are solving some of Mozambique’s biggest health problems.  Additional collaborations include producing, directing and editing a short film, Introducing the First Nations of Montana to the World for the Montana Office of Tourism and Distill Productions, which is the first time in history all of the native tribes in Montana have agreed to appear in a film project of this nature.  I’m also spearheading production coordination work for Dye Film Works for the upcoming documentary Indian Relay, which is set to air nationally on Independent Lens in the 2013-14 season.  Read more about the films and watch their trailers below.

Finding Traction

Finding Traction provides an inside look at the quest of an elite ultra runner, Nikki Kimball, and her dream to become the fastest person in history to run 273 miles on Vermont’s beautiful and brutal Long Trail.  Filled with moments of passion, pain and perseverance, Finding Traction explores the possibilities running offers: for America, it may be a way out of the obesity epidemic; and for all of us, it possesses the power to inform us of our true potential through a riveting aesthetic of human endurance not seen before on public television.  Coming to public television and the film festival circuit in 2014.  © 2013 Jaime Jacobsen and MontanaPBS.

Check out the film’s trailer here.

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Female Condoms Are My Power, My Protection, My Pleasure

“I like using the female condom because I am the one with the power,” says Deolinda, 23, who believes the female condom is a game changer.  See how young people are solving some of Mozambique’s biggest health problems and having fun doing it!  Selected as a Finalist by PATH in the Female Condoms Are ___ International Film Contest, where it will be screened at the Women Deliver 2013 Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – the largest global meeting of the decade to focus on the health and well-being of girls and women.  © 2013 Pathfinder International. Directed by Jaime Jacobsen.

Watch the film here.

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Introducing the First Nations of Montana to the World

The First Nations in Montana share their vision for future generations in this short film produced for the Montana Office of Tourism.  Featured at the 14th Annual American Indian Tourism Association Conference in Billings, Montana and on the Montana: Official State Travel Site and MTOT social media venues.  © 2012 The Montana Office of Tourism and MercuryCSC.

Watch the film here.

Indian Relay

The hope and determination of modern-day American Indian life is revealed in this one-hour film for public television about the commitment, skill, and family support any Indian Relay team needs to win one of the most exciting and dangerous forms of horse racing practiced anywhere in the world today. From the bitter cold of winter on the Rocky Mountain front to the heat and mayhem of the summer’s championship races in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Oregon, Indian Relay follows several teams from three different American Indian communities as they prepare for and compete across a grueling Indian Relay season—all hearts set on the glory and honor of winning this year’s National Championships.  Upcoming national broadcast on Independent Lens in 2013-14 season.  © 2013 Dye Film Works and MontanaPBS.

Check out the film’s trailer here.

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About Jaime Jacobsen Media

Back in 2006, I founded Partnership Productions LLC, currently known as Jaime Jacobsen Media, a multimedia production company whose mission is to create films and multimedia that raises awareness on contemporary social, environmental and humanitarian issues.  My documentary work has taken me to remote areas of Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, where I have produced documentaries for NGOs such as Pathfinder International and Engineers Without Borders (EWB).  My films and radio programs have been an integral part of EWB’s human rights campaigns for clean water, gender equity and girls’ education in Kenya, and I’ve fought for social justice in our food system here in the US.  I’ve worked extensively with tribal elders and youth on Montana’s Native American Indian Reservations, and produced Emmy Award-winning documentary films for air on PBS.  I’ve also worked as a Producer for Untamed Science, working as part of a 12-member team of scientists and filmmakers to co-produce over 175 science videos for K-12 classrooms in collaboration with Pearson Education.  These videos will be seen by over 50% of students across the United States in the next seven to ten years.

In addition to producing films and other media, I currently am an Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at Notre Dame University – Louaize, where I teach courses on documentary film, audio video production, and cross cultural communication.  Prior to teaching at NDU, I taught film, writing and communication courses in the University Honors Program at Montana State University, and for the past several years I’ve led Documentary and Photography On-Assignment teams for National Geographic Student Expeditions to Australia and Tanzania.  I’ve also taught filmmaking courses in the College of Arts & Architecture at Montana State and as part of the American Indian Research Opportunities (AIRO) program.

I speak Spanish fluently and spent a year abroad as part of my undergraduate studies at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Quito, Ecuador and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, Chile.  In 2010 I completed the Rotary International Foundation’s Professional Group Study Exchange program in Sao Paulo, Brazil where I studied how media is used in contemporary Brazilian society.  I have Bachelors degrees in Art and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters of Fine Arts in Science & Natural History Filmmaking from Montana State University.